Coding Camp 2018: OpenMole + ♡ = CarWash

Veni Vidi Vici

This year's coding camp started one night earlier than usual. On a warm Sunday evening. we arrived at @la_pepiniere. We were rapidly back online thanks to @MaziyarPanahi.

Days are highly structured at the coding camp starting with dyanmic morning full of sport and meditation for some of us, and providing an extended sleeping time for the others...

During the week, breakfast rhymes with brainstorm. How ideas can be developed? Who will work on it?

Most of the day was dedicated to code... code for documentation, code for new methods code for new features. Next year might see the introduction of code for food.

Sometimes it's going well and sometimes not.

New this year: lunchtime seminar series

This year's iteration of the coding camp saw the introduction of short seminar featuring our amazing speakers leveraging OpenMole for ecology (François Lavallée), epidemiology (Hélène Arduin)
and geography (Juste Raimbault). These presentation took place just before lunch, in order to constrain their running time by the hunger of the crowd.

Hélène uses OpenMole to generate simulation data and compare those data signature to empirical data. A nice way to deal with Agent Based Models (ABMs) and exploration.

Romain described a novel advanced method to explore models. While OpenMole now embeds traditional exploration methods (such as Morris), it is also a development platform used to propose and refine new algorithms.

François presented a ground truthing use case in ecology. François uses OpenMole to test management strategies of alien plants. His model explore the influence of cuts in the spread of the Fallopia japonica (Asian knotweed).

Finally Juste presented his PhD work at the junction between modeling/simulation epistemology and massive model exploration. Using a geographical point of view, he focuses on co-evolution between network infrastructure facility and cities morphogenesis.


The OpenMole development version will soon (OpenMOLE9) embed the Morris method.

Via a plugin it's now possible for Pharo users (and more specifically for Cormas modelers) to connect their beloved simulation platform to OpenMole.

Extracurricular activities

The coding camp's main ingredient is friendliness (in large quantities). Beyond the code development aspects, it is a social event for our community.

Nights are spent playing games and fostering team building!

All while keeping on top of the latest developments in other scientific fields...

Unleashing our inner artist...

Sometimes buried very very deep inside..

Coding Camp 2018: OpenMole + ♡ = CarWash
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