Coding Camp 2018 : OpenMole + ♡ = CarWash

One night earlier we were arrived in @la_pepiniere. Rapidally we were back online thanks to @MaziyarPanahi.

Hugely structured each day was initiated with sport and meditation for some of use, and an extend of sleeping time for others.

A first brainstorming begins with breakfast. How ideas can be proceed ? Who will work on it ?

Most of the day was dedicated to code... code for documentation, code for new methods code for new support.

Sometime it's going well and sometimes not.


For this coding camp we also have nice key speaker working with openMole in ecology (François Lavallée), epidemiology (Hélène Arduin)
, geography (Just Raimbault).

Hélène use OpenMole to generate simulation data and compare those data signature to empirical data. A nice way to deal with ABM and exploration.

Romain explains new OpenMole smart method to explore models. Indeed OpenMole now embedded traditional methods (as Morris), but is also a development platform used to develop new algorithms.

François at is turn present a groundtruthing use cases in ecology. OpenMole is used to test management strategy in alien plants management. Using Fallopia japonica (Asian knotweed) cas to explore reaping influence on the plants.

Finally just at present is working between modelisation/simulation epistemology and massive model exploration. Using a geographical point of view, he focus on co-evolution between network infrastructure facility and cities morphogenesis.


OpenMole in the dev version and soon (OpenMOLE9) will embed Morris method.

Using a plugin it's now possible for pharo user and more specifically for Cormas modeler to connect there their beloved platform with OpenMole

activité parascientific

OpenMOLE Camp work based in tones of friendliness (convivialité). So more than code development it as social event for our community.

We spend our nigth playing game and managing our team building !

Stay connected to other dicypline and other sciences.

Coding Camp 2018 : OpenMole + ♡ = CarWash
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