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OpenMOLE 8 is cooking

OpenMOLE 8 is just around the corner. There are a few bugs left and a few small features to implement, but nothing that should take too long:

A lot of work as been put in OpenMOLE since the version 7. In the core of OpenMOLE:

  • the workflow engine as been rewritten to be more reliable
  • the bases of the DSL have been refactored
  • Gridscale, the library used by OpenMOLE for the distributed computing has been rewritten from scratch to increase the performances and the reliability
  • MGO, the library of genetic algorithm has seen major improvement, the major one being that it supports the optimization / profiling / PSEing of hybrid continuous and discrete problems,
  • the code base has been migrated to Scala 2.12,
  • an RTask has been implemented allowing a direct use of R code and libraries in OpenMOLE

The web interface has seen major improvement as well. See for yourself in the demo, which is based on this upcoming version: http://demo.openmole.org

If you want a taste of this next version, checkout the OpenMOLE next website: http://next.openmole.org.

OpenMOLE 8 is cooking
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