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What's up with OpenMOLE?

The OpenMOLE community is cooking something good!

We identified that the most painful point about OpenMOLE is its messy documentation. Therefore we set a complete rework of the documentation as a blocking feature for the version 7.0.

You can already see the direction it is taking on the development site. The global idea behind the new documentation is to emphasise the 3 main axis of OpenMOLE: model, method, environment. The first level of the documentation is being structured around these 3 axes. In complement to this high level documentation, a technical documentation will go deeper in exposing advanced features and usages of the platform.

We also want to improve the communication around the project and make all the energy and initiatives of the community more visible. To achieve this goal we plan to encourage the community to post regular news about OpenMOLE and its usages on this blog. Also we setup a new way of exchanging between the users based on the discourse open-source platform. This site, called ask and the associated mailing list (ask@openmole.org) will progressively replace the old one.

I hope you like the way it is going and if you want to express yourself, feel free to post question and remarks on ask or to propose a post for this blog.

Comments welcome on Twitter ;)

What's up with OpenMOLE?
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